Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We're halfway through our first week of regular life, and things are going mostly okay. I am coping with the sleep deprivation, Tim is coping with the random, sometimes irrational text messages I send him during the day. Adam is a decent enough sleeper at night, though he rarely goes more than two hours before waking himself up with a giant poop or a cacophony of farts. I have been able to transition him from sleeping in his bassinet next to me in bed to sleeping in his bassinet in his crib. I'm enjoying being able to spread out and relax a little - slept on my back for the first time since the second trimester the other night! During the day he's hit or miss. Sometimes he's comatose for hours, sometimes he wails a half hour after I put him down, sleeping soundly. The best bet for all snoozes is to let him lay on my chest for five minutes before trying to move him. He's my snuggle bug.

Ellie continues to be mostly sweet as a big sister, though she's obviously a little stressed by the lack of my constant attention. I am doing my best to be patient with her, but we could both do better. Thank goodness for lots of doting grandparents. Yesterday she had a lovely Tuesdays with Mimi outing - I had a less fun Tuesday when I cleaned out my closet and found that Lulu had peed in a bag of brand new, never worn shirts. THANKS JERK. Today I put Ellie down for a nap at Gigi's house and left Grizz in charge so that I could take Adam down to meet the knitters. I figured I'd be home before she woke up, so of course she popped out of bed a half hour later and informed Grizz that she'd pooped. I had, of course, not left a diaper or any wipes, but there was one random diaper floating around and Grizz made the best of it, despite his protestations that he does not do diaper changes.

I took both kids to the grocery store today, which felt like quite the accomplishment. Ellie rode in the seat part of the cart and Adam fell asleep in the ergo carrier like the small hippie he is. I love that dang thing. Ellie was mostly resigned to the fact that she was not going to get to "ride momma." The nice thing about the Ergo is that she does still fit in it, even if post c-section I would not dare to try it with her (the last time I carried her in it was less than two months ago though! From an eight pound infant to a thirty five pound toddler!)

So mostly, we are just keeping on, getting our sea legs under us. I'm looking forward to Adam sleeping in longer chunks so that I can get out of the nursery and get back in my own bed (I don't see the need for Tim to wake up every two hours at this point.) And for him to start smiling and cooing and interacting with me. The snuggling is sweet and all, but I'm ready for a little less blobbiness out of him. It is nice that he exhibits a little less back talk than Missy Moo, but you can't win them all.

Little snuggler

Little gardener

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