Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kid Vids.

A few of Adam:

Yesterday I ventured out with both kids by myself to visit Mommy Matters, even though Theresa (the nurse who runs it) forbid me from coming until Adam was three weeks old. I couldn't help myself! The cabin fever is hitting hard, and all of our friends from class had already come over during the week to meet Adam, so if he was going to be exposed to toddler germs, it had already happened. I'm happy to report that I managed pretty okay, and my girlfriends definitely looked out for me (as they've been doing this whole pregnancy.) My biggest worry with two kids is that Ellie will bolt in a parking lot and my hands will be tied in terms of running after her. The good news is she generally does a great job waiting for me to take her hand, and before we got to class, I impressed upon her the importance of being a good big sister and a good listener. She did great. She and her little girlfriends were enchantingly cute at class too, and there has been a remarkable uptick in taking turns and sharing in the past few weeks.

I love their sweet little Muppet voices, and none of us can believe how big the girls have gotten, and how quickly.

For reference, here are the same three ladies at Halloween 2011.

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