Monday, April 15, 2013

Snuggly Bugs.

Week two of our regular life, with Tim back at work. This morning felt much less overwhelming, even though it was busier (and I slept less last night. I swear, if this kid doesn't quit pooping himself every two hours on the dot, I'm going to cut him back to three square meals a day and no meals or snacks past 7pm!) Ellie had a great day at preschool, and brought home a picture for our fridge. What more could you want? Adam and I went on a nice walk, and then ran a few errands. Perfect!

This is how our morning began. Be still my heart.

We also had a nice family walk yesterday, though like a dolt, I forgot Adam's bear hat in the house. So, he wore a hand me down.

Pink carseat, pink sweater, he rocks them all. Also, I love this afghan. My mom made the center part, and the granny squares on the edges were made by my Grandma Pat before she died. It is the perfect blanket for wrapping up a baby in a stroller.

See? Everyone loves it (three month old Ellie. Someone give that kid a wheelbarrow for her big head.)

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