Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lazy Sunday.

We are having a pretty banner day here at the Fords, after a couple of tough ones due to Adam's overwhelming gassiness and need to burp his brains out.

This morning we went for a full scale family walk, leaving from our house. We've been driving to the trail and parking to save me a mile of uphill walking, but today I felt like I could take it on, and I did! Pushing both melons in their stroller, no less! It was a good feeling.

Tim suggested we try to take our brood out for lunch, and after feeding Adam into a coma, and making Ellie promise that she'd be a good listener and not whine, we headed out for sushi. And it was DELICIOUS. Everyone enjoyed. Ellie had quite the spread

She also enjoyed playing around with her daddy

She was overwhelmingly a good girl, for which I was grateful. Meanwhile the other day I discovered the key to feeding oneself while also keeping a newborn happy. Step one, put him in the Ergo. Step two, put a napkin over his head to protect him from potential spillage. Step three, chow down.
See? He is pleased.

After lunch I made Tim go to JC Penny and buy some new pants. He said we shouldn't risk it, but I promised it would be quick and fun, and it was the best shopping trip ever. I shoved him in a dressing room and threw pants over the top and meanwhile, Ellie stared at herself in the mirror and danced around and admired her dress and jelly shoes. Adam slept. And now Tim finally has some new shorts - the ones he's been wearing every weekend for years were purchased in preparation for our trip to China. In 2007. Ellie also got a chance to go up and down the escalator while I paid for everything. She was so delighted for the expedition, and I laughed because I could hear her little Muppet voice across the store.

Both kids are now napping, and I ventured out for a pedicure. Hopefully everyone will remain in good spirits when they awake from nap time. But no matter what, at least we have a good morning to remember!

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