Monday, April 8, 2013

Physical Fitness.

Finally feeling back on track, thanks to our double stroller. We took Goldilocks and her three bear friends out for a little stroll yesterday. Ellie was delighted to see all of her dog friends, Adam whined for about a quarter mile and then fell asleep as I hoped he would. I was a little sore afterwards, and Tim grew weary of me continually nagging him to slow down.

Today is Tim's first day back at work, much to all of our dismay. Things have gone pretty well, but it's only 2pm (both kids are napping!) Ellie cried at preschool drop off but then was in good spirits when I showed up. Adam stayed asleep in his car seat long enough for me to have a snack with Ellie, read her a bunch of books several times and get her down for her nap, so for that I am eternally grateful. My biggest challenge over the past two weeks has been giving her enough of my attention. I know it'll even out in the near future, especially once Adam isn't spending an hour at a time eating, and she's gotten a lot of good quality time with her daddy and her grandparents, but it's still hard.

The upside is that at least I'm not the guy who got her brand new pink ball stuck at the top of a very tall palm tree. That guy would be Grizz (thankfully, the ball was rescued not long after.)

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