Saturday, April 20, 2013


Can you believe it? Little Miss Elizabeth Rosemarie is officially two and a half years old, as of yesterday. Is she pleased about it?

Umm... not really. I mean, she does hate to have her picture taken.

This is the best one I got

With the aid of a piece of candy

At two and a half, Ellie can:
-count most of the way to 20
-spell her name
-identify her name, and a few others (mama, daddy, etc) and recognizes a couple of letters
-She loves to pick out her own clothes (favorite items include her purple striped shirt, her Eiffel Tower shirt, various tutu skirts, her bee dress and her blue lace dress)
-She loves her brother most of all, and wants to see him and hold him first thing in the morning. She shushes him when he cries, loves to tell him bless you when he sneezes, and is very concerned when he poops or needs food.
-Her favorite books include If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, Color Kittens, Baby Dear and Little Bear Goes to Sleep
-Favorite songs are any Miss Elena song, Single Ladies, "The Book Song" (aka the opening song from Book of Mormon), Pineapple Princess and Call Me Maybe
-Favorite shows are Daniel Tiger and Poppy Cat
-She loves to dance, play catch and play with blocks. Still very into coloring, both with crayons and chalk.
-Favorite animal is still bunnies. BUNNIES FOREVER AND ALWAYS!
-Favorite foods are yogurt, anything she can dip into a sauce (waffles, hamburgers, french fries), peanut butter sandwiches, and turkey roll ups. And any sort of dessert item - ice cream, whipped cream, cake, cupcakes. She feels all parties MUST involve cake.
-She's taking one nap a day, and sleeping well at night. She loves her new room, and especially a new quilt she just received that has a plush underside (aka: "softee.")

She loves climbing and exploring, and spending time with her grandparents. However, her greatest joy is every day when her daddy comes home from work and she can run screaming to him for a hug.

She is our #1 most darling girl.

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