Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Likes and Dislikes.

Another day, another dollar. Or diaper, whichever.

Adam continues to be a pretty good baby, but an easy newborn is still a newborn. Every time I lay down with him at night, I hope that THIS will be the time he sleeps 4-5 hours. And then two hours later on the dot, he's awake, farting and hungry. His favorite time to be awake is 3-5am. Not just during those hours, but all of those hours. The good news is he's cute.

He enjoys:
-burping like a grown man
-farting like a grown man
-squealing like a piglet
-growing some delightful fat rolls
-riding in the ergo
-sleeping with his arms unswaddled so he can flail around
-eating and then farting again
-cuddling with his sister
-trying to hold his own head up

He does not enjoy:
-being forced to stop eating in order to burp
-having his diaper changed
-getting put into his car seat
-being put down
-driving in stop and go traffic
-sleeping for any significant period of time
-getting bathed

Ellie continues to be very funny and sweet with him, though a little overwrought overall. It's hard because I'm low on sleep and patience, and am trying to remember that you get out what you put in, so the more time I can spend being understanding or affectionate is only going to benefit all of us. It's hard to be understanding when she's being an unreasonable two year old though. I can't believe she'll be two and a half in a few days! (I also REALLY cannot believe that when our moms had two and a half year olds, they also had full on one year old children as well. The idea of that makes me want to go lay face down in a ditch.) She is obsessed with reading, especially when used as a stalling technique before bed time. She's started drinking from an open cup, and is obsessed with having "cereal with milk" in the morning. She loves green vegetables, but calls asparagus "beans." Delicious, delicious asparagus beans. The older she gets, the more of a Grizz's girl she is, and so it's been very nice in the afternoon to go over there and watch the two of them play (even if they are pretty terrible at keeping the volume at a reasonable level.)

We are continuing to muddle through, thanks to lots of help from the grandparents and Tim. I've been able to shower every morning and am getting back to my walking routine, so life is not too terrible.

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