Friday, April 12, 2013

Hippie Baby.

Adam is generally a pretty agreeable little man, and a good enough sleeper, but sometimes he's awake at inopportune times. Like, right when we all sit down to dinner. The good news is we've discovered that putting him in the Ergo carrier and swaying for a few minutes will calm him back to sleep almost instantly. I think it helps that his favorite sleeping position is on my chest with his head over my heart.

It also helps in that it leaves me with both hands free. Which allows me to do things like carry a diaper bag and an angry toddler who starts sobbing about how she doesn't want to leave Panera, she wants to stay there FOREVER. Good thing my csection has healed, yipes.

Hard to believe that not that long ago, my big toddler girl was a little hippie baby too.

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