Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chicken Legs.

We brought Adam in for his first doctor's appointment yesterday. It was mostly a weight check to make sure that he's gaining okay. Usually it takes babies up to two weeks to regain their birth weights. Adam is already two ounces over his birth weight, and gained nearly two ounces a day between being discharged from the hospital and yesterday morning. I gave myself more than a few pats on the back for that one.

The only thing they're concerned about is his coloring - he's still fairly jaundiced, which is common, but less common in babies who are gaining weight and pooping and peeing as well as he is. So we go back tomorrow for another small check. In the meanwhile, I have been ordered to let him nap in indirect sunlight.

He's part cat!

We also started doing tummy time this morning. Ellie was very enthused about it, which is funny because she was the most pathetic little whiner about tummy time, and as we all know, was too lazy to roll over until well into her sixth month.

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