Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stocking Stuffers.

They are even better than finding an orange in the toe. I think even Gigi would agree with me on that.

The kids are dressed up because we went to the Gardening Angels holiday party, even though we do not garden, nor are we angels. We are just Granny Janny's adopted kiddos (the other angels sometimes get confused as to whom the kids belong. One year, one of the other ladies gave Jan a giant teddy bear for her granddaughter, after Ellie spent the entire holiday party demanding that Jan let her look at her necklace.) The party was great - Ellie once again followed Jan around, and ate about forty five caramels when I wasn't in her line of sight. Another lady had brought caramels too, so we had a caramel-off, but narrowly avoided a fist fight. Though she is also from Minnesota, her recipe is an ancient family one, not one cut out of a 1982 copy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Adam got passed around by the ladies, which he is always happy to do.

That suspenders and bow tie onesie is the first thing I bought for him when I was pregnant. I had already spent a lot of time despondently looking at outfits in the boys section at Target, bemoaning the fact that I didn't to dress my baby in brown, orange, trucks or monkeys, and then I saw this dapper young gentleman outfit, and thought to myself "yes, you will dress this boy as a little goofy gentleman at all times." I'm sad because today is clearly the last time it's going to fit. The good news is his Buddy the Juddy can probably get some holiday use out of it.

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