Friday, December 20, 2013

Moving Right Along.

Adam is changing so fast, I can hardly believe it. It seems like every day he's up to something new, and something naughty. His crawling is no longer halting and rocking back and forth. He is EVERYWHERE. He'll take off down the hall to find one of us, or leave and wander into Ellie's bedroom to chew the plastic food strewn all over her tent (where picnics happen.) I feel bad for him, because he will sometimes crawl after me while I'm trying to get ready in the morning, and as soon as he finds me in one location, I'm moving to the next, and I can't hold him because I need both hands to put on pants or tart myself up with liquid eyeliner. Me getting dressed is a grumpy time for him, for sure.

We are going to have to switch him out of his bucket seat any day now, as he's getting too long. You've been a good seat, little pink car seat. I am glad mom forced me to go to Target in a bathing suit cover up while hugely pregnant to buy you. Now off to the trash can.

Adam's a champion sitter-upper now, and can get from his hands and knees back onto his bottom, which is always helpful. The next step is pulling up, which I fear. He has crawled over to me and pushed himself up to his feet while keeping his hands planted on my stomach or leg, and tonight at Gigi's house he climbed over to the step out of the family room and stood at the step for awhile. But he hasn't really reached UP and started to pull himself on anything, and if you stand him all the way up next to a table or chair, he can't hold himself for very long.

Eating continues to go well. We usually give him a small snack that he can feed himself while we eat, and then when I have a chance, I spoon in some fruits and veggies while eating my own dinner. He likes string cheese, cheerios and most bread products. This week I gave him some scraps of chicken sausage, which he enjoyed, and I enjoyed watching him try to chew it with only four teeth.

Tonight was a big night for him - as an early Christmas present, I told Gigi she could give him his first taste of ice cream. And lo, another ice cream monster was born. He made the funniest, most incredulous face for the first bite, but soon enough was crying in between spoonfuls because he was mad that Gigi was feeding herself. Meanwhile, Grizz had Ellie in his lap, doing their usual Friday night ice cream routine. You can't beat it.

Lastly, here is a video playing the bead garland he ripped off Gigi's tree and has claimed as his own. He is a loud mouth (surprise) and getting into the whole talking thing. Lots of babblings, some dadadas and mamamas, though I wouldn't say he's actually calling us mama and dada yet.

The only reason he's allowed to play with the garland unimpeded is because Ellie was napping at the time. Once she's awake, she insists on trying to turn him into a pony.

"Here Adam, put on your reins."

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