Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Santa has been by our house already, and eaten some cookies after a long day. Our brunch food is ready to go and I'm ready for another full day of family and fun. We've had a busy weekend, celebrating with the Parmodsens and then tonight with my parents, and tomorrow is going to be another long and fun one.

Here's some pictures.

Our little elf on the shelf, in her new jammies

The kiddos with Santa at the Parmordsen party on the 22nd. Yes, Ellie wore that dress last year. Yes, Tim wore that outfit in 1980.

A huge pile of kiddos!

Our sweet boy, trying to find something new and devious to ingest during present opening tonight

A brief interlude for a new book. Ellie was so delighted with each present and wanted to play with everything and read all her books and just generally enjoy her toys. Adam just wanted to chew things and cuddle.

ELLIE AND HER SWEET NEW BIG WHEEL. Even though she's tall for her age, she just barely reaches the peddles.

I'm really glad that we were able to talk to most of our Midwestern family members via Skype and Facetime while opening presents tonight. It was like we were all celebrating together! The funniest part was when Ellie was opening her presents from Auntie B. First she opened a little box with a charm for her charm bracelet, but the best present in the box was the "rabbit fur" that Aunt B sent her. She kept screaming with delight over a hunk of cotton batting, and that is why three year olds are hilarious. Then when she opened up her new purple tutu, she immediately ripped her skirt off so she could wear it. It's a full show for everyone.

Goodnight, and Merry Christmas!

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