Monday, December 2, 2013

Cat Lady.

Our poor sweet Rocky - Ellie wrapped him up like a burrito the other day and he remained in that pink blanket for a good half hour. Rocky is the sweetest of cats - he is very into Adam, which is funny to me. If Adam is on the play mat, Rocky likes to come check him out. The other day Adam was on his stomach and grabbed ahold of Rocky's tail. Rocky got nervous and tried to pull away and just ended up pulling Adam across the floor a bit. Poor kitten tail!

And here she is with her baby boy Thory. Please note - Thor came into the room and I reached out to pet him and he pulled back, scared (like an idiot.) Ellie then came down the hallway and basically sat on him, and he just snuggled up with her and started purring. It's probably because she has learned how to get out the bag of cat treats and get him one.

This is un-cat related. Last Wednesday, my college roommate Monique came down and was my hot date to see Justin Timberlake at the Pond. It was an amazing show. Please enjoy Ellie trying to get herself an invite.

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