Wednesday, December 25, 2013

First Christmas as a Family of Four.

Christmas is in the books, and we are all very tired, and very very happy. Ellie is such a fun age because she's excited about Santa but also doesn't quite get it, and that is hilarious. She is also so enthralled by every little thing that it makes it hard not to spoil her, just to see her delighted reaction to each object. "Oh, I LOVE my new socks! Look, a NAIL POLISH! It's a BOOK!" We have all really enjoyed the fact that all she wants from Santa is a candy cane - she doesn't understand that she could request a pony or a diamond necklace or the ability to fly or whatever other weird things kids demand.

We put out milk and cookies for Santa last night, and I let Tim drink the milk even though 1) there was some dust in the cup when I took it out of the cabinet (I rinsed it) and 2) Lulu stuck her face AND her paw into the milk. I also ate the larger of the cookies for Santa. 

Santa brought Ellie a little Sterilite three drawer dresser, and filled it with art supplies, coloring books and play doh items. It was front and center on the fireplace this morning with a bow and a candy cane, but when I asked her if Santa had come, she kept going "I don't know!" She was so delightfully oblivious. She checked to see if Santa had eaten the cookies, and wandered around a bit, and then finally engaged in her new items. Which, she loved all of them and immediately started coloring. Adam got some teethers and a couple of books, because he is a stinky little baby. He was delighted to chew on all the things, and immediately tried to eat a page of of Ellie's coloring book. That was not well received.

We got everyone in their holiday finery and shortly thereafter, our family and friends started showing up for brunch. We once again made croque madames (thanks to Grizz for his egg frying skills) and had an edible centerpiece and fancy champagne and fancy egg nog. ONLY THE BEST! It was a full house, which I absolutely love. Ellie opened her presents from Mimi and Pa and was THRILLED with her new fairy princess ballet outfits for her and Bitty Baby. 

As you can see, she is really into the over exuberant "CHEESE" smile. Sorry Mimi - these are the best pictures I have.

And then brunch ended as any good Christmas party does - with a DANCE PARTY!

Then it was nap time for everyone. Including me. My poor friend Lauren ended up staying to hang out and snuggle with Adam, and manages to still be friends with me, even when I peace out to sleep for an hour.

Tonight was the party with all of our wonderful family. Ellie came in her fairy princess costume (after getting up from her nap to put her tights and ballet shoes on to sleep in) and despite his continuing exhaustion, Adam was his usual sweet self. Did I mention he's 9 whole months today?

Ellie and her little cousins were thick as thieves all night, I ate myself almost into a coma, and Ellie wore another set of new pajamas home in delight. And then I was getting her ready for bed she told me I was "the best mama ever." I couldn't ask for anything more. Except for a long winters nap, obviously (maybe nine months will be when Adam goes back to sleep 10 hours straight!)

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