Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Hangover.

Little Packer backer, and our little Packer binny pig.

We've been continuing to go at a million miles an hour after all of our holiday fun. On the 26th we had two different groups of friends over during the day, and on the 27th Becca and Brian arrived for post-Christmas, New Years Eve fun, and it has been VERY fun. A little crazy, a little loud, but very fun. Ellie is sad that Becca is not sleeping in her room with her, but we decided that since they are married grown ups, they can sleep in the queen bed in the nursery. And since Adam is refusing to sleep through the night, he is in the Fun Cage in our bedroom for part of the night, and for the second half of the night, we move his cage into the bathroom. We've been keeping the fan running the whole time as white noise to try to keep our sanity. Overall, I am very, very tired. He has not slept through the night in over two months - first it was teething, then it was crawling, and now he's refusing to nap sometimes because he will get himself over to the side of the crib and get up on his knees, weeping and demanding to be released. He has officially pulled himself up to standing once using my legs, which sort of makes up for the fact that he's been wiping boogers on me for days on end in his attempts to be upright.

Yesterday we went up to LA to the California Science Center, where Ellie really enjoyed the 3D movie about the flight of the monarchs. She was so cute sitting next to her dad with her 3D glasses on (until the end, when she took them off and just watched a blurry movie.) Adam slept off and on in the ergo all day, poor tired thing. We also saw the space shuttle again, which was still just as amazing, and then as the place got more crowded, we headed over to Phillipe's for a late lunch of french dip sandwiches - they're the original! By then it was nearly 3 and Ellie was about at the end of her rope (as was I) and she cried when her cheese fell on the floor so I finally told her just to eat it and be done with it, and then she wept because her nose dripped onto her bread, and she ate that too. Keeping her immune system strong. Then last night Adam was awake every two hours, and Ellie woke up after an accident. Brian and Becca are never going to want to have kids at this rate. Please, enjoy this horror show! Thank goodness Gigi has also taken the kids for an evening so we could go out and have an adult dinner with adult beverages. They have been very much required as of late.

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