Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Program

Last night Tim celebrated his 34th birthday by going to a holiday concert put on by Ellie's preschool class. She's been practicing the songs around the house for weeks now, and I was getting ready for some serious cuteness. We were not disappointed, at all.

First off, I can remember being a kid and being in singing programs and my mom telling me that over all the other kids, she heard my voice. I thought this was some sort of mom lie that they tell you in mom school, but it's TOTALLY TRUE. When Ellie finally stopped standing and looking confused/frightened and started singing, I could recognize her little Muppet voice over all the din.

She is the cutest little friend ever. She mostly stood and twirled her hair during the songs, but when they put on Feliz Navidad as the last song, she immediately busted out her sweet dance moves.

My other favorite part was during a break between songs she looked at me and screamed "mommy, we made you a present!" Way to spoil the surprise, kid. They did in fact, make us very sweet ornaments with our kiddos faces on them.

She also announced to Tim yesterday morning "I brought you a present! It's pajamas!"

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