Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last One In Is A Rotten Egg!

This Friday night Ellie got to go to Mimi and Pa's house for a winter wonderland party in their neighborhood, and a sleep over. She loved all of the winter stuff - the sledding, the snowball fights, the petting zoo that was off in a corner, not in the snow (even though she got pecked by a duck.) Then in the morning, she got to have Pa's special pancakes. We were asking her about her experience on Saturday afternoon, and she very vigorously informed us that Pa used rotten eggs in the pancakes. She mentioned it several times, and even when we said "do you mean raw eggs?" she said no, she definitely meant rotten. She couldn't eat the batter because Pa said the eggs were rotten.

Upon further review, the adults in the situation said that it was indeed raw eggs that he was trying to steer her from eating, but you know, it's a he said, she said situation. Just goes to show again, that you can never trust a three year old!

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