Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So Big!

I've heard from lots of people that your oldest child always seems like a baby until you have your new baby, and then the minute they walk into your hospital room, you realize how big they really are. Funny, I feel like I had that moment this morning.

She was so happy to climb up, and then SO MAD because she couldn't quite figure it out. She got down just fine, but then said "I can't do it!" I don't think she quite understands that the only point of that chain web is to climb up it and then climb down. There's no arrival platform or anything. I was amazed by her climbing skills, and her crazy long arms and legs. She's getting bigger every minute! As Grizz says, she'll be taller than me soon. At the park closer to our house she can now safely climb 90% of the available ladders without a spot, which is great for me, because then I can park my pregnant self on a bench and just cheer her on. That's what we did on Sunday afternoon, to the great chagrin of the hover parents who were standing right next to their four year old at every turn and arguing about whether or not their smaller child needed a spotter to head down the slide. SAFETY FIRST!

It appears that the stomach flu has left our house hold, and Gig's as well. Only the lady folk came down with it, so obviously, it's carried via estrogen. Mainly, we were all bedridden and pathetic, so not the worst virus ever. Ellie bounced back in a solid 24 hours, though I am still feeling a little draggy. This morning she woke us up at 7 and Tim got up to feed her breakfast. I figured I'd enjoy ten more minutes of lounging in bed, and when I next opened my eyes, it was 8:30. My husband, he is a dream boat.

Meanwhile, we're finally ready for our baby boy's arrival. On Saturday I was thinking to myself "self, this weekend would be about the worst for the baby to come. So he'll probably show up. You need to get the last few things done." In between washing loads of linens covered in toddler puke, I got all of the 0-6 months clothes washed and folded, and moved all of Ellie's clothes into her new dresser and closet (which as she likes to point out, Grandma Rosie made for her!) I have all of the baby's clothes (and mine) packed for the hospital, and so when we have to go, we just have to throw in toiletries and electronics. It feels good to be ready, though officially I am not allowed to go into labor until after my parents get back from their ski trip. Seems fair!

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