Sunday, March 17, 2013

Evil Leprechaun

We had friends over for dinner tonight. Nothing fancy, just some good food and a lot of loud talking and laughing. I made brats for dinner rather than corned beef because you know, brats are the best. I did make party potatoes though. And I also made Tim wear his green shirt that says "Irish I was Taller." He hates it, but wears it once a year to indulge me.

Ellie also wore green - the same dress she wore last year. It's 24 month size, so this year I had to put leggings underneath so her whole hiney wouldn't hang out. Still, I think it was a good amount of wear for a dress that I bought for four bucks at the consignment store.

Sadly, she looked good but acted horrible. I fear for her brother, if this is her attitude towards sharing. Any time one of her friends touched a toy, Ellie would grab for it and start screaming. She was an embarrassing nightmare of a child. We also had cake, which she didn't deserve, and her need for cake also led to a ton of screaming.

Now Grizz has a new "baby cries for ice cream" photo for potential use as the background on his computer. Much to my chagrin.

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