Friday, March 29, 2013

First 24.

We've made it through our first 24 hours as a family of four, and Ellie has not yet asked us to return Adam. In fact, she has been a very sweet big sister about everything. She loves to hold him, she likes to pet his hair, and she got a kick out of the fact that he burped when she patted his back. Our only struggle is reminding her that she can't bother him, touch him or talk to him when he's in his bassinet. And she's been a little over wrought here and there, but that's normal. Also, she's a fairly spirited two year old to begin with, so the fact that she wept for fifteen minutes over not being allowed to eat cereal for lunch does not leave me stunned.

She's very excited about it all - she liked that Adam came and sat with her while she had a bath, and then she insisted on wearing her astronaut jammies so they could match. Last night as we were finishing up reading her a story and singing her a lullaby she got incredibly excited that we were all together, hugging and saying goodnight, and she yelled excitedly "this is my family!" I may have wept, just a little.

Adam's sleeping is good (for a newborn.) He eats well, but is up for close to two hours in the middle of the night, with all the eating, burping, pooping and hiccuping. He's so sweet and snuggly though that I don't blame him. I will take all the cuddles while I can get them.

Tiny astronaut bear prepares for launch!

Captain Elizabeth and her tiny copilot

Lulu is intrigued by the movement in the bassinet

Thor, who could barely stand to be in the same room with Ellie for the first 12 months, crams himself into my lap with Adam within 12 hours. Everyone around here is more confident as a second time parent.

Close up of our sweet love

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