Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Night Two.

It was a long one, as they warned us it would be. The first 24 hours babies are mostly sleeping and recovering. Then they wake up a little and start acting like they've got no manners, and have never lived outside of a uterus before. Last night was hours and hours of nursing and a lot of snuggling. Not the worst thing in the world, but I did have the nurses take him for an hour so I could get SOME sleep. And I'll be napping while he naps today. Thankfully, I have nothing else on my docket.

Tim is taking Ellie to her final session of music class today and will spend some time hanging out with her. She continues to do pretty well with mommy being gone. I'm just thankful that she has all of her wonderful grandparents so close, and so she feels like she's getting a treat in sleeping over at their house. It really takes a load off of my mind, and lets me worry about myself and my small fry for a few quiet days (the last quiet ones I will see for awhile, I suppose.) When Ellie visits us at the hospital, she's been remarkably gentle. She figured out that she can climb into bed with me by herself, so that's good (she gets crabby when someone else tries to pick her up and put her in, and I can't dead lift 35lbs at this point.) And while she's happy to see me and tell me about her day, she mostly wants to know what her brother's doing. Yesterday was very thrilling in that she got to see him drinking milk, AND he pooped himself and got his diaper changed.


She likes to tell him not to cry (even though he's not really crying most of the time) and she likes to tell everyone get out of her seat so she can hold him. She's 97% gentle with him (would like to give him the occasional tight squeeze) and will very sweetly clap hands with him and sing one of her music class songs. We'll see how enthused she is when she has to share the back seat of the car with him, and when he cries too loudly over her Miss Elena songs.

He's been mostly a mellow boy. Happiest when snuggling with me and visa versa. My nurse yesterday said that he's nursing like a week old baby, which I feel strangely proud of. I guess all of that hard work with Ellie is finally paying off!

In the meanwhile, we finally got a picture of him with his eyes open.
He's a cute one!

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