Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Barfday Gigi!


We had all of these grand plans to get up this morning, head over to Gigi's, go down to the beach and walk and throw rocks and have a grand old time, and then after nap time, head back for a dinner party with dinner by Grizz, ice cream cake and brownies and you know, partying. We were going to treat Gigi right.

Instead, Ellie woke up at 6am and when Tim went in to see if he could coax her back to sleep, she said "clean the barf out of my hair!" HOORAY BARF! And by that I mean, I love showering and starting laundry at 6:30am. At first I was hoping it was a toddler version of the ol' boot and rally - that if we gave Ellie a bland breakfast she'd recover, because it was just a one off belly ache. Yeah... I caught a lot of regurgitated bland toast in my hands today. It's a bug.

We're hoping it's just a 24 hour thing, but it meant that we couldn't get out. Gigi did stop by briefly so we were able to say happy birthday and give her the birthday cards we'd decorated, but overall, we spent most of the day moping, napping and watching TV. We did throw her in the stroller at 7:30pm for a quick walk around the block and some fresh air, and she has thus far kept down the peanut butter toast we served her for dinner. Fingers crossed that it's over in the morning... and that there's still some canned whipped cream at Gigi's house to eat tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I'm sorry that Gigi's birthday turned out this way. She is the most excellent of Gigi's. She provides reading time:

And musical entertainment

On Friday night we had a lot of family band time. I think my favorite moment was seeing the family band in the kitchen - Gigi was singing, Ellie was dancing, and Grizz was playing the triangle. He got real mad when I tried to take his picture.

Also, thanks to Gigi, my front yard looks like this:
My favorite flowers, planted by my favorite lady. Happy Birthday!

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