Friday, March 22, 2013

Park Time.

AKA: Old men get real soft in their old age.

Today on our way over to Gigi's house in the afternoon, I offered that we could either stop at the park and go on the teeter totter, or go up to the trail. Ellie picked teeter totter, of course, because it is new and novel, and I texted Gigi and Grizz to let them know that we were down the street, in case they wanted to join us. SURPRISE, they did!

Genuinely surprising: the fact that Grizz was all over the playground equipment designed for children ages 2-5.

I don't remember him being quite as big of a playground junkie when *I* was a kid. He did do a good job taking turns with Ellie though, I can't fault him for that. And she was absolutely THRILLED to have him come play with her.

Everyone should be sleeping well tonight!

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