Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Busy, Fun Times!

Gigi and Grizz are on their way home from their ski vacation, so I am officially safe to go into labor, I suppose. Until then (or until my csection date) I will just continue to swan around, beautifully pregnant.

In the meanwhile, we are staying entertained. Last night Sara's club met at a local Fatburger, and we worked out that I could take her, meet Tim for dinner and then he'd stay and bring Sara home afterwards. I am not the world's hugest Fatburger fan, but I do like that they have steak fries, and I appreciate that if you order an adult combo meal, you get a free kids meal. Grizz has said that he loves Fatburger, and I think this is a perfect opportunity for him to start planning some nice dates with Itty Bitty.

Plus, if she doesn't want a burger, you can just feed her ketchup.
The only downside is Grizz does not like ketchup.

Today since I didn't have a doctors appointment, we combined Tuesdays with Mimi with our annual trip to visit the Easter Bunny. I started prepping Ellie last night about her visit. I warned her that the Easter Bunny was big, and that she was going to sit in his lap. She seemed fine with the idea, and detailed all of the things she would do with Mr. Bunny. She was going to show him her jelly shoes, and he was going to wear pink in his big house, and they would dance and play and he'd wiggle his nose. SO EXCITED!

She was thrilled when we got to the mall. We rode some escalators, ran around a bit, and then she was thrilled when she saw his house in the distance. Then we got closer and she spotted the Bunny himself. NO CAN DO. She of course, told me she didn't like him and didn't want to sit with him. I, of course, ignored her because I think the crying photos are funny, and it's not going to ruin her for life (and if it does, it was sort of worth it.) She cried when she had to sit with him and quickly dismounted and ran to me, but she was willing to give him a high five later, and Mimi had the great idea of having Ellie offer the Easter Bunny a snack.

Overall, it was not a total bust. She was very happy to try to feed Mr. Bunny, and waved goodbye to him and told him Happy Easter. Here's hoping that Year Four will get us better results. At the very least, we'll have a baby who will hopefully be small enough so as to be oblivious.

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