Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gross and Grosser.

Surprise, I caught Ellie's stomach bug. I don't know why I figured I'd be immune - I just thought that if she got sick, I'd get sick at the same time. And when I didn't, I thought I was safe, which is sort of the worst of it, as I spent Friday hanging out with friends and baby friends. The idea that I might have passed cooties along kills me, especially because I know most of my mom friends don't have an awesome mom like mine, who will take the baby off their hands at a moment's notice. When I got sick Friday night, Tim was up in LA at a work dinner, and had car pooled, so there was no way for him to help. I basically made Ellie tuck and roll out of the car at Gigi's house, and then went home to turn my bathroom into Chernobyl.

Tim did a good job taking care of me, while Gigi did bath time and bed, and then Saturday morning had a cute new dress for Ellie to wear and took her to the touch pool at the Ocean Institute. Then of course, made dinner for all of us and entertained Tim and Ellie while all I did was get out of bed for some toast and a shower, and then retreated back to bed. Ellie was so sweet when she came home last night - she immediately crawled up into bed with me and said "I give you kiss and you feel beddah." We all went to bed early and Ellie actually slept until 7am, which helped us avoid any time change garbage. I woke up starving, and with less total body aches. The other good news is that Lambeau has continued to kick me on a regular basis, so I know he's okay in there, even if he's grossed out by all the puke, poor thing (I did call the on call doc on Friday night and she said they're seeing a lot of this, and as long as I didn't spike a fever or let myself get too dehydrated, a little stomach bug wasn't a danger to the baby. Plus they called in an anti nausea pill that they give to women with bad morning sickness, which I think helped take the edge off a little.)

Today has been pretty low key, and will probably stay that way. Watching the Packer game, playing some tea party, seeing what our Sesame Street friends are up to. Just enjoying that no one is sick. And of course, crossing our fingers that Tim isn't next.

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