Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving the Third.

Tim told me that I wasn't allowed to go on the trampoline, being that I'm 5 months pregnant and all, but when have I ever let him be the boss of me? Or even a close adviser of me? Ellie LOVED the trampoline at Aunt Cathy's house. Between the trampoline, Dylan the dog, and hanging out with Mimi, it was all I could do to get her to sit still long enough to have a snack.

Then at Granny Janny's house she stuffed herself full of Tio Bob's pumpkin muffins. Part of me wanted to make her sit down quietly to eat a balanced meal, and the rest of me thought "the majority of America is eating like rabid hyenas, why should she be any different?" Three pumpkin muffins and a bath later, she had a very intense dance party.

Thanksgiving SUCCESS!

We have mainly quiet plans for the rest of the weekend. Wednesday night we were able to fob her off on Gigi and Grizz so Tim and I went and saw Lincoln, which I highly recommend. We've gone on a couple of family walks (which is nice for me because then I can make Tim push the stroller and I can just amble along like the fat lazy preggo I am) and we're planning on taking her to the petting zoo, to see bunnies and "binny pigs." I'm a little sad that we can't get our tree, but the pretty room is still totally blocked off until after the painting is done, and not only do we still have a patch in the living room to be finished (located right where I'd put the tree) I just don't want my entire tree and all of the ornaments to get covered in dust and junk next week when the new dining room tile goes in.

So, we relax, and continue to gorge ourselves. IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!

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