Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sea of Holes.

The "business" side of the kitchen, where the stove and fridge are going to be located.

Sink area, now with all new piping, coming down from at the attic. Also, electrical for under cabinet lights

The "workspace" area of the kitchen, which will be all cabinets and counter space, plus more under cabinet lights. The plan is to build a soffit in this space as well so all of the cabinets will be the same space, rather than having some tall and some short like it used to be

The hole in the ceiling of my pretty room, from where the plumber tripped in the attic. Thankfully, he's okay. Less thankfully, now that ceiling will probably have to get patched, skimmed and painted

NOT ONLY THAT but he INTENTIONALLY cut a hole in my beautiful pretty room, to get to the manifold for the water. UGH.

The good news is that we're also getting a whole new laundry set up. Goodbye, janky and corroded plumbing!

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