Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Practically Perfect!

This morning, instead of being about the new ktichen, was about the new baby. Tim and I were there bright and early(ish) to see what Lambeau Field was up to. 

The answer is, a lot! He was all curled up with his hands and feet up by his face. He's currently head up, but he's so little right now that it doesn't even matter (and considering a c-section is inevitable with this pregnancy, it won't even matter as he gets bigger.) 

I'd sort of forgotten how much time they spend at the 20 week scan. The u/s at 8 and 16 weeks are just looking for a heart beat (and at 16 weeks, if they can see gendered parts) and at 12 weeks they're scanning for a few things, but it's still only a couple of minutes. Today we got to see his four ventricled heart pumping away, the curve of his spine (looking good!) and both sides of his brain. They could also see that his bladder was full, which means that he's starting to swallow fluid and digest it, and that his kidneys should be functioning normally. It's astounding to see all of this detail on a little baby who's no bigger than a banana, especially considering that 30 years ago, ultrasounds couldn't tell gender, and sometimes even missed if there was more than one baby present! And kudos to people who do it "the old fashioned way" but I love seeing every part of the baby, and knowing that he's a little boy. It also allows me to start shopping for non-ugly boys clothes (hard when you hate the color brown.)

All of my bloodwork came back normal, so we can fairly safely assume that this baby is your healthy, normal, average kid. Exactly what I was hoping for!

His head is on the left side, and that's his little nose sticking up in the air, along with part of his hand.

Same position, except now he's facing the camera and being a scary skull faced alien baby.

We continue to have no idea what we're going to name him, and I'm not just saying that because we're not planning on sharing the name even if we do decide on something. Boys names are hard, because they're not pretty (and because I might be a big hippie in some ways, but I'm not naming my kid River or Willow.) 

My blood pressure was amazingly low, so basically we are all perfect. In fact, I don't have to come back for another SIX WEEKS. By this point with Ellie, I was going every four weeks (and once I hit 24 weeks, they wanted to see me twice a week!) I've never gotten to go six weeks between appointments before! But next time I come we'll do the gestational diabetes test, and probably start talking delivery dates and decision. Hooray!

In the meanwhile, Ellie got to spend the morning with Mimi, which was about the thrill of her life. We had lunch together and then she got to have Mimi come to swim class, where she did some good back floating, some good crab walking along the walk, and then she spit a whole mouthful of water in Clare's face and cried like she'd been murdered when I reprimanded her (meanwhile, Clare was patting her on the back and saying it was okay.)

She's been a pretty good girl about the whole renovation (which looks like it's going to run about two weeks over, between the plumbing and the cabinets.) She says that our kitchen is messy and the guys are here to clean it up. Lulu is being the biggest problem, mostly because she's freaked out and frustrated. She went after my recliner with her claws (and please note, she's ignored it for the year we've had it) so that sort of makes me want to smother her. But such is life. She'll adjust, or I'll turn her into a piece of carpet. Or have her buried in the walls.

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