Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home Stretch

Here we are, at the 20 week mark. Thus putting me officially halfway to being a mom of two, and the CEO/matriarch of a family of four. EXCITING! The pukiness and the exhaustion of the first trimester are a distant memory - my only problem is my complete lack of patience with all things (which is fairly par for the course for me, though at time exaggerated by crazy hormones.) I've been keeping up pretty well with working out, though probably one morning a week I think to myself that maybe it's time to start walking four miles instead of five.

It's funny to think of all the wives tales between girls and boys. One is that if you're pregnant with a girl, she will "steal your beauty." My skin's been equally bad with both pregnancies, but I will say that I've gained a lot less weight this time around. Partially because I have more time for exercise, but also, when I was pregnant with Ellie, I was starving ALL THE TIME. And not like, "oh, have a handful of almonds" hungry, but "if I don't get a full meal in the next twenty minutes, I will murder a friend or coworker with my bare hands" starving. Maybe that was Ellie's way of trying to ruin my naturally supermodel looks and figure. This time, not so much. I definitely eat more than before I was pregnant, but it's generally just a slightly bigger breakfast and a mid-afternoon snack. They also say that you carry higher with girls than with boys, and Ellie definitely lived up in my rib cage up until the moment I had her surgically removed. Thus far Lambeau Field is stuck right around my belly button. It'll be interesting to see if he migrates upwards as he gets bigger, or if he insists on hanging out in his current location.

He's also quieter than she was at this stage of development. Less kicking, and less vigorous in general (though the other night Tim had his hand on my stomach and Lambeau was banging around so hard that I asked Tim if he had flicked my stomach.) I am hoping that maybe this is because Lambeau is going to be more laid back and better behaved than his sister was as an infant. I have to hold out hope! Because if ANYONE suggests the word "colic" to me, I will probably punch them square in the throat.

Also, after discussing Ellie's apparent growth spurt, she woke up this morning having peed through her pajamas, which NEVER happens. Turns out, that brand new box of size 5 diapers is already too small. And she tried to fall asleep for a half hour today and couldn't, and had to have a bowl of cottage cheese before going back down for a nap (she'd just had a sandwich and some grapes before we tried to put her down the first time.) I hope I don't have to run out and get 3T clothing soon!

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