Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Disgusting First.

Whelp, we had the day (or rather, night) I've been dreading for awhile: Ellie's first stomach bug. We woke up last night (or rather, Tim woke up last night - I hadn't been able to fall asleep yet) to a certain small someone losing her lunch all over her bed. Or rather, her dinner. Poor thing. And poor us. It was gnarly.

But with team work we got her cleaned up (twice. Two sad showers when all was said and done) and got the sheets in the wash immediately. And after we ran out of sheets, I remembered how as a kid, my mom would put towels on our bed to protect the sheets and make clean up easier. Wish I'd realized it after the first round.

But she went back to sleep eventually (after much snuggling) and then woke up at 5 for another stomach clearing, then slept until almost 8. She was in such good spirits in the morning that we didn't really question letting her have a yogurt. Another bad idea. But thankfully, that time she got sick on her way into the shower, and after that I figured no food for a couple of hours. Gave her a nice hot shower, put on some clean pajamas, and put her little baby hair back in a pony tail so that she couldn't get sick into it (she thought it was a great look though!) She and I ran to the store to get pedialyte, and then spent the morning snuggling on the couch watching Elmo. She was in pretty good spirits most of the time, and spent a fair amount of time dancing, playing with her Sesame Street friends and having a tea party with me, Smelly and Hop Hop. No fever, no chills, just an upset tummy. Poor little thing - at midnight when she first got sick, as I was taking her out of her jammies to get her into the shower, she got sick again and then goes "I'm happy now! I feel beddah now!"

She took a three hour nap, woke up ready to eat, and has been pretty okay since then. Famous last words, probably, but she did eat some toast, chug some water and a have a yogurt. Hopefully in the morning she'll be healed.

It did put a real cramp in our Wednesday plans though! We'd been planning on trick or treating with Elizabeth and Jonathan tonight, but obviously I could not bring a recently sick kid to hang out with a few healthy ones. We figured we'd just sit around the house until 7 o'clock stir craziness set in, and then we put her in her bunny vest, plopped her in the stroller and walked her down the main drag in our neighborhood. She enjoyed the lights, the other kids, but most especially the various dogs we passed. We stopped at our across the street neighbors' to trick or treat (and pet their dogs) and it was a pretty good night for her in the end.

The good news is, we did get to do some serious trick or treating on Tuesday afternoon at Tim's office. The company gives out candy to everyone and allows employees to bring their kids through. So all of the parents get to show off their little brats, and all of the non parents get to eat candy and not work for two hours.

Our little owl thought it was a pretty good deal. She figured out real fast that she just had to say "trick or treat" and then she got to pick a treat for her treat bag, and have me dole out an M&M to her. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Plus she got to hang out with her friend Chase, AND see an office dog. Because Halloween is apparently all about dogs for her. Owls love dogs.

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