Sunday, October 21, 2012

Game Day.

How Ellie spent the game:

A little Sesame street doll house time

Then A LOT of tea party with Itty Bitty Baby and Abby Cadabby

Oh, and mommy got to play too. Then Tim took over so I could shower. It's only taken him 32 years of achieving his dream of playing tea party!

Thor spent the afternoon wandering around and crying for attention, so I picked him up and had Tim help me zip him into my sweatshirt. He was less than pleased. But at least he buzzed off for a little while.

Funny cat story: last night I went down to Carlsbad to have dinner with a friend who was in town from the East Coast. I left around 7:30, having put Ellie in her pajamas. I put on some lullabies in the car and she was out before we passed Camp Pendelton. Got home, and she let me roll her into bed without a peep. Tim was out with friends so I immediately parked myself on the couch with one of my (many) stupid TV shows, and then about fifteen minutes later, I realized I had no idea where the cats were. Cracked the door to the nursery and there was Lulu, snuggled up at the foot of the bed. Thank goodness she hadn't woken up Ellie!

And in pregnancy news, I have given up and started wearing maternity jeans. I couldn't deal with adjusting the be band every time I stood up, sat down or walked around. It's useless! Good bye regular jeans, see you in the spring. I am slightly depressed about wearing the same two pairs of pants from now until delivery, but then I remember that I only own two pairs of regular jeans that fit currently. So it's not like my ordinary life is so fancy. I save fanciness for sequined tops.

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