Thursday, October 11, 2012

Parenting Moments of Hilarity.

So, this morning it was raining. Cara and I got rained out of our walk, but we had a nice play date and the girls burned off some energy. On the way home, I was thinking about how my mom and Great Lisa were mentioning their need for some more Elephant Juice liquor, and so I swung into BevMo real fast, because I am a giver. Please note: I was dressed in yoga pants, a tank top, and a weird sweater. Ellie was in monkey footie pajamas. I go and buy me some Elephant Juice, and the guy asks if I need a bag and I say no (because I am an environmentalist) and make some joke about how anyone who's had a toddler will understand my need to drink. Then I walk outside, booze in hand, baby on my hip, and a cop rolls by real slow. Thank goodness I was not also standing in a way that makes my pregnant belly evident.

Speaking of. I decided this morning that rather than walking around half the day with my pants unbuttoned, I will be a classy lady and bust out my belly band - it basically allows you to extend the use of your regular clothes through another month or so. I can leave my pants unbuttoned, but the belly band goes over and helps hold my pants up and disguise the fact that they are not fastened at all. It's like a tube top for your pants! Now, without the button of my jeans digging into me at all times, I've really started to pop.

So much so that my favorite lady at the nail salon asked me how far along I was when I crashed Mom, Lisa and Sara's pedicure to get a hoof job of my own. Please note that with Ellie no stranger ever asked me if I was pregnant until I was well into my sixth month. I guess you really do pop faster the second time. 

Our other big fun for the day was going to Joann Fabrics and buying felt for Ellie's Halloween costume - she was SO excited to be shopping for her costume, and getting to pick out what colors she wanted. She's going to be an owl, and I decided I would make her some wings in the form of a cape. I figure, it'll be an easy thing if she wants to wear it randomly during this holiday season, and won't require a lot of taking off and putting on. She will also have a little hat (with owl feather and eyes) but I didn't get a chance to make that today. Instead I spent her entire nap cutting out strips of felt and cutting chevrons into them, and sewing them onto the cape. I sustained a crafting related injury, in that my crappy scissors wore the skin off my finger. But I got it finished and she looks very cute... and then she told Great Lisa that she doesn't like owls.

I went out tonight with my girlfriends, and wore my new sequin jacket. It has proven to be well worth the purchase price. Even if I do look like a nut. Meanwhile, Ellie played with her favorite person, her daddy:

She recently discovered her train set and is absolutely in love. Our old neighbors brought it over when they were moving, and asked if we wanted it. Ellie was still a useless blob at that point, but I was not so addled to have forgotten how much that Thomas the Train stuff costs. Free train set? WE'LL TAKE IT! Now she enjoys sending her trains down the track with Tim... over and over and over again.

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