Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello, My Name is Elder Price.

Another fun weekend around these parts!

Saturday we had a first - Ellie was baby sat by someone other than her Mimi or her Gigi (or her Grizz, in cases of emergency, or when she is already asleep and all he has to do is not burn the house down, heh.) Tim and I had to leave for evening plans in LA and mom and dad were coaching Sara's softball team to a gold medal win, so Shirley and Julia came in to fill in for a few hours. Ellie did well, and enjoyed having some new faces around, hooray!

Our big fun was an evening out to see family friend Michael perform in the Book of Mormon at the Pantages with Don, Eileen, Jake and Dawn. It was a really nice evening - we had a delicious dinner beforehand, and then the play was great. VERY vulgar, and definitely out to offend in parts, but having been a South Park watcher for many years, I knew what I was in for.

The coolest part of the evening for me was getting to meet Michael afterwards and getting a back stage tour. In my dreams, I would love to some day be in the back ground of a Broadway-esque production (no starring role necessary, I'd be happy to just be in the back ground clapping and stomping my feet during a number) so to stand on stage at the Pantages was awesome. I should have done a little tap dance while I had the chance.

Sunday morning we had a birthday party for one of our other October baby friends, Kayla. They had it at Pump It Up, which is a giant bounce house facility (in a strip mall! It looks deceptively small from the outside.) They do a nice job in that only your birthday party is in each room at the time, so I didn't have to worry about some strange 8 year old crushing my kid. But 2 is also sort of young for all of the activities - Ellie needed Tim or I with her at all times. And then around noon I made the mistake of leaving the room to go to the bathroom (even though she'd been playing with Tim the majority of the time) and she just freaked out, and clung to me sobbing, hungry and tired, until we got into the party room and had some pizza and cake. And then despite promises that she'd spend the rest of the day napping, she woke up after an hour and a half in a TERRIBLE mood. Perhaps third birthday parties will be better!

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