Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chicago Photos, part 2

Becca and I go to a thrift store, and when we come home (after less than an hour) the boys have gotten Goldeneye set up on the Nintendo 64 and begun shooting each other in the head.

So at the thrift store, I found this amazing sequin and maribou jacket, which I am calling a bed jacket for when I have Lambeau Field. I hope I do not get blood on it. I went back and forth for SO LONG trying to decide if it was really worth buying, or just photographing and remembering, and because I am a weirdo, I decided that the answer was PURCHASE. I proceeded to then wear it all over the city, to the envious stares of tourists and locals alike. I am a total weirdo.

Our big trip yesterday was heading to the Sears Tower.

Lake Chicago!

Our feet, standing in the pop out box.

I have no idea what we're standing in front of, because my mom did not let me watch Married with Children. I know, I didn't miss much.

At the Bean.

At the Chicago Cultural Center, the former library.

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