Monday, October 22, 2012

Two Year Stats.

We had our two year well baby today. Like a dummy, I scheduled it at 2pm (which was probably the perfect time for a toddler who was still on two naps a day. Not so much for a girl who sacks out after lunch and sometimes sleeps until 3.)

BONUS: the neighbors are apparently redoing their driveway. They certainly were jack hammering it to bits this morning! Thank goodness, Elizabeth went down right around noon, and woke up okay at 1:45. We made it to the doctor's right on time. And she slept through the jack hammer, but woke up the second I cracked her door.

I have to admit, I was sort of nervous about this appointment - it's the first one since I stopped nursing. I always felt like nursing was perfect nutrition, so I didn't worry so much about what she was eating, because I figured she was always getting enough to grow. Turns out, she's continuing to grow grow grow just fine. She's grown OVER TWO INCHES since her last appointment!

She's 35.5 inches tall, which puts her in the 90th percentile, and a little over 28 pounds, which puts her in the 75th. Continuing to be bigger than average but not off the charts. The doctor was pleased with all of her updates, said it was okay that Ellie's not very interested in the potty quite yet, and so all was well. She did double check "your husband also has a big head, right?" because Ellie's melon is truly melon-licious. But still healthy and human sized. Two shots and a few tears later (mostly healed by a sticker) we were on our way.

The doc recommends coming in for a check up at two and a half, so we scheduled that. It's set for mid-April of 2013... so I'm already planning now how I can just make it a well newborn/well toddler visit all at once, ha!

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