Saturday, October 20, 2012

Elizabeth Beans at Two.


At age two:
-Ellie can spell her own name and identify several other names (mainly Gigi, Grizz, Mama and Dada.) She can also point out certain letters.
-She can count to ten on her own, and can count the rest of the way to twenty with some help.
-She speaks mainly in full sentences, and though she normally gets shy in public and refuses to talk to strangers, I feel like people who aren't her parents or grandparents understand her when she talks.
-She loves Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (which is a cartoon featuring the puppet characters from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.)
-She has two speeds - asleep and running. And when she's not running, she's a-dancing!
-She loves to play pretend and has a great imagination. One day as I was putting her into her car seat she informed me that she has a tiny tiger in her lap and she can hold him and pet her.
-Loves coloring, asks to draw often (especially likes to ask when we sit down to supper.) By "likes to draw" I mean she likes to con people into drawing her a bunch of hop hops.
-Still as obsessed with hop hops as she's ever been. Sometimes when I draw her one, she will rub his hands all over it and say "oh, I holding him. He so soft!"
-Loves our cats still, though she has started chasing Thor (of course, now that he likes her, she just has to be a jerk to him.)
-Eats like a champion. Loves cake and ice cream, of course. Also loves brats. Sometimes, if we want her to eat another meat product (like steak) we will tell her it's a brat. Only my kid would prefer a snausage to a fine piece of steak. She will always ask first for an oh-gir-duh poppicle (frozen go-gurt) though, if she thinks she can get one.
-Is beginning to be reasonable and understand the concept of negotiating, ie, if you want a yogurt pop, you need to eat five more bites of chicken.
-Loves to imitate animals. In fact, she spent the last few minutes of her one year old-ness pretending to be a monkey.
-Also loves to snuggle, which is the sweetest thing. She really is a darling, affectionate little muffin.
-Has begun to "cry wolf" in order to get snuggles. She will tell me she's bonked herself (when really, she's just intentionally laid down on the floor) so that I show her some love (trying to nip that one in the bud by telling her that she just has to ask for kisses.)
-We spend a lot of time rough housing too, which is always fun, though I am also working on convincing her that she doesn't need to jump straight on to my abdomen.

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