Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Week.

It's been a quiet week around here. Poor Adam's front teeth are coming through and he was so upset about it this afternoon - totally inconsolable. I feel like he's spent a lot of time in the ergo this week, especially in the late afternoon. If he could juuuuust take a little nap, he'd be so much better off in life. Alas, it is not to be.

The pulling up continues non stop. I had almost forgotten how much it stinks to be in the middle of something and feel tiny hands (and their tiny, always sharpened claws) trying to pull up on the back of your legs. Using a knife in the kitchen? The baby is pulling up. Trying to put on liquid eyeliner? The baby is pulling up. Trying to put your pants on? The baby still wants to pull up, and is going to cry about it. The fact that he is nearly one and going to start walking soon just wrecks me. What happened to my tiny baby?

Some recent funnies from Ellie: the other day in the car she asked me if we could listen to the Beatles, and I nearly wept with joy. We've since gone back to Miss Elena songs. She is really big on having people pretend to nap lately. My favorite Ellie-ism is how she calls things "at the night" versus "in the night." For example "I heard Adam crying at the night," or "at the night I have my Hello Kitty pajamas." She is at least sleeping well lately, so we're one for two on children giving their mother a damn break. Another funny was the other day I was getting dressed and she came in (because kids can always tell when you'd perhaps like a minute) and after telling me how much she liked my underwear, she started patting my thigh and telling me how beautiful my legs are. Then she told me I had a nice butt. I suppose we should get her checked for glasses, or I could just enjoy her sweet, naive devotion.

We did go back to the petting zoo again on Wednesday, since our year pass is just about the best thing that's ever happened to us. The rabbits continue to be in their own space, unpettable, but we told the girls they were on time out and they seemed okay with that explanation. The binny pigs were insane with love for us (and carrots.)

Of course, Ellie always wants to pet the binny pig that expresses the least amount of interest in her, and wants me to chase it down for her.

I tried to let Adam play in the corn box, which is about the only attraction for him at the petting zoo, and after 60 seconds in which I had to pull his hand away from his mouth as he tried to eat corn 10 times in a row, he got pulled out. NO FUN FOR HIM! Story of his week.

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