Monday, January 6, 2014

Catching Up On Pictures

We made it through the weekend, even though it seemed like someone needed their nose wiped every fifteen minutes. Poor Adam is having trouble sleeping between his cough and his front teeth breaking through. I think his mouth is hurting him more than he lets on because he is not really interested in eating during the day. Don't worry, he makes up for it at night! (ugh, blergh, and other frustrated grunty noises that I make when I have to get out of bed every two to three hours.) Ellie is sleeping fine, but does find herself yelling "I HAVE BOOGERS" fairly often. And is usually the case, now that the rest of the family is getting better, I am getting worse. I totally lost my voice today, which I guess is good for the kids in terms of there being less yelling. I did not take Ellie to preschool this morning because I didn't feel like it was fair to the other kids (or the poor teachers, having to wipe her nose.) We did make it to our new music class. We've gone to this particular time slot and location before to do make up classes in the past, and when we pulled up, Ellie goes "this is where we went with Auntie Becca." Please note that it was MAY when we last attended. Mind like a steel trap!

Here are some of the last few photos from the holiday, which I finally pulled off my phone and uploaded. Please to enjoy!

Lunch at the beach turned into Ellie wading into the ocean, wearing a pajama top and her skirt hiked around her arm pits.

Watching the Packers/Bears game, with Ellie in her Packers Binny Pig suit. We're bummed that the Packers are done for the season but hey, it's always satisfying to knock the Bears out of the play offs.

"Hey Mom, I'm awake! Just hanging out here until you pick me up!"

This is how he looked on the morning of the 2nd, after we saw all of our friends and family off and went for a walk.

Poor Thory Boy Bear. He is such a good sport about being loved on by her. Probably only puts up with it because now she knows how to get him treats.

Oh, my loves. As you can see, Adam is in his big boy car seat.

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