Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hoooooooray, it was Ellie's first day back at preschool today! Last night and this morning she whined about not wanting to go, and I was prepared for it to be a complete mess at drop off, but she did her usual routine - giving me a kiss and then going to lay down on the floor - and that was it. She is such a good little egg. When I picked her up, she announced she'd made a new friend. They are moving some of the older kids into the kindergarten classrooms (I guess since it's Montessori they can do it mid-year?) and so they had some little kiddos from the tot rooms. So that's nice for Ellie, since she has been the youngest in her classroom since joining in September, which has sometimes been tough for her. When mentioning it to me, her teacher said "but still, Ellie is SO TALL for three!" Indeed she is! I feel like every two weeks I look at her and she seems to have shot up even more.

Adam also got his height and weight logged today - during preschool he had his nine month check up (a few weeks late.) His regular doctor wasn't in, but I liked the doctor who saw us, so that was good. Adam is 28.5 inches long (75th for height) but only 18lbs, 7oz, which bumps him down to the 30th percentile (Ellie, by contrast, was an inch shorter and nearly twenty pounds at nine months.) He has still gained nearly two pounds over the past three months, so no one is concerned. I don't remember Ellie crawling as much or as fast as Adam does, and when I look at him, I see so much of Tim's build. It's been a bummer that Adam is eating in the middle of the night again, but a lot of times I remind myself that if Adam has Tim's metabolism, there is basically no way for him to get enough calories in during the day, especially considering how easily distracted heis (though I try to get him to eat more whenever I can!) I definitely think Adam will be easier to transition to full time solids than Ellie was. Last night at dinner he ate a bunch of Cheerios (which he loves) some strawberries, some string cheese, and then a whole bunch of beef chili. Meatasorous Rex continues!

It was also nice to see the doctor to get confirmation that our plague is just a head cold. The other night when Adam was having trouble sleeping and coughing and snuggled into my chest, I wondered if I should be taking him to urgent care or the ER. He wasn't struggling to breathe or anything, but it's easy to be overtaken by worries in the middle of the night when you're already exhausted. The doctor confirmed that his rattle is just in his throat, not his chest or lungs, and so just keep the humidifier running and keep him comfortable. And I'm sure part of Adam's snottiness is that he's also cutting those top teeth (I don't know what my excuse is.)

In short, we are all mostly healthy, definitely growing, and ready to be booger free as soon as possible!

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