Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gruesome Twosome

It's amazing how fast time is going - it seems like only a few weeks ago that Adam was a tiny newborn, cradled by Ellie on our couch whenever she got a chance. Today, she asked to hold "the baby" and was disappointed when he immediately started screaming and squirming to get away and do his own thing.

Now she can only cuddle him on the floor.
It's so fun to see the two of them together, really interacting.

They had a tea party in the hallway the other day when I was vacuuming Ellie's room

They had a party banging on the chair once Adam was able to stand himself up in the dining room

...which is to Ellie's dismay when she's trying to do some art working

There is definitely some fighting around these parts - mostly when Adam finds a forgotten treasure and Ellie rips it out of his hands and I demand that she either give it back, or ask him if she can have it first. It's a work in progress (and I know we have years ahead of us on that front.) The nice thing is that Ellie loves being a tattle tale, so if I am in another room, she will always come and tell me if Adam is misbehaving. I spend a large portion of the day reminding him "this is not for babies." This past week, he got his first taste of delicious, delicious cat food.

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