Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Auntie Sara!

Yesterday Old Lady Auntie Sara turned yet another year older, and Grandma Rosie, Uncle John and Uncle Emery arrived a few days ago to celebrate with all of us. It has been great to have so much family around. Ellie is all about Grandma Rosie, which absolutely melts my heart. On Monday, she came with us to music class and as I was getting E out of her car seat she asked "can I hold hands with Grandma Rosie?" This does not usually happen - usually if I ask Ellie to hold someone else's hand, she will demand that I hold her (usually if I'm trying to juggle a diaper bag and a whiny baby.) She was so delighted to lead Grandma Rosie in and have her participate with Miss Elena. She liked it almost as much as she likes taking the instruments away from Adam at the end of every segment, so that she can bring them to Miss Elena and tattle on Adam for chewing on them (not a big deal - they just use a Lysol wipe and continue on.)

And as there always is when Grandma Rosie is in town, there is lots of book reading.
Adam, not as interested in reading as Ellie. But very interested in showing off all of his good baby skills.

Ellie was excited to finger paint a card for Auntie Sara, and VERY excited when it came to present opening time. I am proud to say that I did not cry with jealousy over the fact that it was Sara's birthday and not mine, nor did Sara cry when her horrible niece and nephew insisted on "helping" her open presents - Ellie by actually tearing into things, Adam by trying to chew on any paper he could find, including still wrapped presents.

She also let Ellie help her blow out the candles on her Mud Pie. Ellie insists it's not real mud. It's not even chocolate mud! It's just chocolate, so says Ellie.

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