Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Club.

That's right. Adam is pulling himself up and then standing with only one hand. He's also figured out how to climb the step in and out of Gigi's living room. Walking is just around the corner, it seems!

Missy Moo was excited today, as we got to go to the petting zoo. I had asked Mimi for cashola for a new pass to the petting zoo for Ellie's birthday. Well, then there was a groupon for a year's admission for four people (the four of us cost $20 to get in) and 12 pony rides, 12 train rides and 12 baskets of carrots for $150. You better believe I jumped right on that, thanks Mimi! We went today to try it out, and it was great. Except for the part where the goats tried to jump all over Ellie. I hate those goats and their bonkers eyes. And now that we have the pass, we can go every day if we want! And bring our friends! Binny pigs for everyone!

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