Sunday, January 26, 2014


Yesterday while I was uploading Adam's 10 month photos, I started looking back through the pictures from the day that Adam was born, and some things jumped out with me that I hadn't seen before.

Obviously, these are not the best photos of me and Tim, which is why I had just sort of dumped them in a folder and hadn't given them a second thought, instead printing and framing the ones where we don't look like exhausted new parents (some of us more tired than others after a long morning!) But looking at them again, I was struck by the sweetest of Ellie towards her new baby brother. From the minute she walked into my hospital room, she was in love with him.

Sure, there's been jealousy. There's been whining and toy stealing and rough housing, but the majority of it has been regular brat toddler stuff. I have never worried that if I walked away from the two of them, Elizabeth would take the opportunity to hurt Adam. She has never hit or bit him. She fights to sit next to him at meal times, and calls to him to hold her hand in the car. Seeing the two of them grow together and become a team of two melts my heart - I guess I just hadn't realized that it has been going on since the very first moment. Sure, it's great now that Adam's mobile and interactive, but she's loved the same since the start.

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