Saturday, January 4, 2014

Catching Up.

Our house continues to be full of huge booger faces. And to add to the fun, it looks like Adam is going to get his front teeth any day now. I am going to miss the vampire smile so, so much. It is really so funny and charming.

Otherwise, things are pretty normal around here. The kids and I got a lot accomplished during our two days back "at work." Mostly putting away the holiday decorations and cleaning up the house as a distraction from the holiday let down blues.

The kids are doing well though. Adam is crawling around the house at a rapid pace, and has such a funny, sweet personality. I love seeing him together with Ellie, because she is such a good, doting big sister. They have started holding hands in the car and it just makes my heart crush up into a tiny ball. He is eating more and more now. He likes to feed himself, and the other night he plowed down on some tiny chunks of carne asada that we put on his tray. Ellie can be more hit or miss with culinary choices, but she never met a grilled cheese she didn't love (well, except for the crusts of the bread.) However, at least I am no longer worrying about her eating cat food. Adam is just dying to get his hands on some of those tasty little treats.

He can pull up on his crib, and pull up on our legs. Only a matter of time before he brains himself against the coffee table. I also find him in the dining room sometimes, trying to chew on the legs of the chairs. Perhaps he is a wood chunk.

Meanwhile, Ellie continues to grow so big so quickly that I am left stunned. She is interested in the concept of left and right (she likes the left) and asks me a lot about what time it is, and what time she takes a nap, etc. I find myself challenged by her sometimes in trying to explain concepts that I take for granted - like why IS it one o'clock right now and not four o'clock? Lately she's been very into wearing a tutu skirt with pants, much like Punky Brewster. Her favorite is still her tutu dress from Auntie Jolie, which she wears the second it comes out of the laundry every week. After getting her fairy ballet costume and book from Mimi for Christmas, she wants to wear her ballet shoes lately, but if I ask her about taking ballet class again, she continues to inform me that she doesn't want to until she's ten. We are instead opting to return to music class next week, though I suspect ballet will happen in less than seven more years. She is so funny and has such a good imagination and a memory like a steel trap. The other day I realized that she knows all of the words to the Mighty Bruins, and can sing along to the music in the car. Class of 2032, here she comes!

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