Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Zero.

Our little pal is ten months old today. Already! How is this happening so fast?

He is such a good little pal. At ten months, he crawls everywhere lickety split, and can pull up on most things. He hasn't started cruising yet though, and when we tried to show him how to use a push toy, it was good that he was wearing overalls because he had more interest in moving his hands than moving his feet, and so I was glad to be able to hold him up by his pants and keep him from cracking his face into the ground.

He loves singing and music, and will wave or clap along at music class, or at our singing around the house. He is an excellent addition to both family band and family dance party times. He is beginning to enjoy reading, and his favorite book is one about an elf in a stocking that Renee sent him over the holidays - he laughs pretty hard when we wiggle the elf puppet at him. He loves chasing Ellie and the cats around the house, and has grown a special kinship with Rocky, who will come and lay next to him and allow himself to be manhandled.

He's already in his big boy car seat and can sit up in the shopping cart, but he still loves the ergo most of all. Six teeth are in, and now that his front teeth have broken the skin, he's gone back to sucking his thumb (hooray, hooray!) The other night he woke up crying and then put himself back to sleep in the middle of the night, so I am holding out hope that he'll start sleeping through the night again. He eats well, and is to the point where most dinner times he just eats tiny bits of whatever we're having. He loves sausages and grilled cheese, but cheerios are still his number one true love.

These are my #1 boys.

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