Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sibling Love.

I started making this video just to capture how cute and imaginative Ellie is. It ended with Adam waking up from his nap. I'm so glad I caught the look of love he gives his sister. They are darling together.

And this happened this morning. Who doesn't love a little patty cake and getting squashed?

We had a busy day yesterday. Ellie helped me make pancakes in the morning after an early wake up, and then before nap time we made some lemon cupcakes to bring down to see my friend Maree. Maree lives outside of Washington DC, but her dad and stepmom live in Carlsbad. Maree, her sister Renee, and her nephew Langdon (and her parents) have welcomed us to dinner in the past, and since she was in town again, we took them up on their invite yet again. Ellie and Langdon are a month apart, and they got on like a house on fire. There was sand scooping, dining al fresco at the kiddie table, chasing each other around the house, roaring like dinosaurs and a sweet dance party. We didn't leave until late, and Ellie didn't fall asleep until later. And then of course, was up early again this AM.

So it's no surprise that this is what happened during our family walk this morning:
This is the first stroller nap she's taken in probably over a year. Now she's fighting her regular nap, which should make her a huge treat when we bring her out and about to a classmate's birthday party. Hooray!

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