Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Six Months.

How has this happened? How has six months gone by so very, very quickly? I feel like I was just pregnant a minute ago. Heck, I can't believe Ellie isn't six months old. Waaaaah!

Oh, our little Adam Howard. He is a doll. As you can see all his hair has grown back, but his baby smell has gone. At six months he spends a lot of time babbling, including making this sort of "dah dah dah" noise that I call "dog baby" because he sounds like a dog with peanut butter in its mouth. He is quite the little wiggle worm and rolls quite easily from stomach to back and back again. Within seconds of being put in his bed, he flips to his stomach, thumb in his mouth, butt in the air, lamb-lovey clutched in his hands. He's a great sleeper at night and at naps (hooray!) and still loves hanging out in the ergo. He's scooting a little here and there - not crawling, but getting himself up on his flexed toes and shoving himself forward to reach what he wants. His favorite toys are his lamb, his Sophie (well, Ellie's Sophie with all the spots licked off) and his bug ring teether. No teeth yet thank goodness, but the copious drool means they're coming.

His favorite thing in the whole world is his sister. In the early days, I remember thinking "I can't wait for them to be big enough to play together" and it's finally coming to pass. I love how he looks at her, and how she makes him laugh. This morning she came running out of her bedroom and began kissing him and rubbing his head and saying "oh, good morning little baby! Hi! Hi!" as I was feeding him.

He is nowhere near as chubby as Ellie was at this age, and he's definitely longer. The one milestone where I think she's going to have him beat is sitting up on his own. Ellie started sitting up the week she turned six months. Adam shows NO interest in sitting. He's happy to have you hold him so he can stand and stomp his feet and hoot, but if you try to bend him to sit he generally WILL NOT do it.

This is his favorite face to make:
Farewell, lower lip!

Here he is, wearing the Peter Rabbit outfit that Eileen bought me when I was first pregnant with Ellie, before we knew what we were having. It was the very first piece of clothing my kiddos received.

It is flattering on all babies (three month old Ellie.)

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