Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today was Ellie's first full day in her big girl preschool classroom. We've been discussing her move out of the "twos" room for over a month now, and she's seem psyched about it. Seeming and being of course, being two very different things. Miss Kayla took her over there for an introduction on Monday, but she didn't last the whole morning. Her new teacher Miss Nira was impressed with Ellie's verbal skills, and her negotiating talent (Ellie lobbied to be sent back to her old room, and in return promised to spend the whole day today in her new classroom.) When I left her, she was red faced and screaming and trying to negotiate with me ("I want to see Miss Laurie! I want to go see Landon! I'm tired!") but when I returned she was happily sitting in her seat, eating her lunch, and she did not immediately burst into tears. PROGRESS! She seems so big and also so little in her new room. She's with kids who go up to kindergarten age, and there are 24 kids in the classroom versus 12 in the twos room (there is also an assistant teacher.) Less time on the play ground, more work time. She apparently did well after a few more minutes of hysterics. I did reassure Miss Nira that Ellie cries about EVERYTHING (I wonder where she got that from.)

Afterwards, we went over to Starbucks and had a beverage (me) and a scone (her.) She was so cute, demanding we sit on the couch and put our drinks on the coffee table and then standing up to do some dancing. When a lady asked me about how old Adam was, Ellie piped up "and tell her how old I am!" Almost three kid, or so I've heard (now that her birthday is next, all I hear about is her birthday.)

Meanwhile, when we came home I put Adam in his play mat so that I could get Ellie ready for a nap. We went to the bathroom, read a book and snuggled for a minute. Probably ten minutes in all that he was left alone. When I came back out to the living room, I couldn't immediately find him. Then I noticed how far he'd migrated:

Got himself all the way through the play mat (his feet were facing the couch when I left him) turned 90 degrees and flipped to his belly. He's going to be crawling before I know it.

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