Friday, September 20, 2013

Tahoe Day One.

We are having a great vacation so far! Our hotel is really nice, Mimi and Pa are just a floor above us and only a few doors down, and both kids have been as good as gold. We got up and had some breakfast in our kitchette, and then Ellie wanted to go see Mimi and Pa. While Adam took his morning nap, I went for a run around the golf course (all of the Ironman competitors wandering around make me feel like a big fat fatty) and then when we cleaned up, we went down to the pool where thankfully the slide pool was open.

Ellie had A BLAST.
She did this approximately one thousand times, and there was quite a walk between the pool and the top of the slide. She started going down on her bottom, feet first, but after awhile she started mixing it up, going head first, going on her stomach feet first... she is a trouble maker! She was also the only kid in the pool so the slide minders didn't yell at her.

While she took a nap Eileen, Adam and I went poking around the little towns. Didn't buy anything, but we had a good time. And then the grandparents took the kids so Tim and I could have a quick happy hour drink. IT WAS VERY HAPPY. Me and my friend Mr. Tom Collins.

We got to see Jake's place and hang out with him for dinner tonight, which was nice. They're right on the water and have an absolutely gorgeous view. Ellie and I walked down and stuck our toes in.

It was a bit of a late bed time tonight, but hey, it's VACATION!

Sadly, tomorrow it's supposed to rain. This place is a dump.

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