Saturday, September 7, 2013

Words, Words, Words.

Adam is starting to babble more, and has recently graduated from weird throat singing into actual consonant sounds (Kate, does this mean he's a genius?) Of course, he has started with the ever popular "da da da da da," the little turd. And he looks so funny doing it - like a dog with peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth. He'll get the hang of it eventually, and I look forward to when he starts calling explicitly for his dad in the middle of the night. I will laugh as I roll over and go back to sleep.

Sadly, he's also got a baby booger nose. We had a busy play date yesterday morning and he didn't get in a great nap, and so by afternoon nap time he was damn near hysterical. I finally put him in the moby wrap and walked the halls until he fell asleep, and then was able to lay him back down in his crib. Mama knows best, little man. Last night he was a little feverish, and he happily chewed on an ice cube. So it may be a cold, it may be new teeth, it may just be the pain of being a baby, growing and changing.

Meanwhile, Ellie is learning some new phrases, which cracks me up. Her favorite new thing to do is to be insolent or defiant until she gets reprimanded, and then she immediately bursts into hysterical tears (I think she gets that from Tim) and says "I'm sad! You yelled at me! I need a hug!" Basically, any time she gets called out on her behavior lately (even if it's in a calm, rational tone) she immediately says she needs a hug. Little suck up. She also likes to tell me before bed "you can't love me, I need daddy to love me." Fine then!

At least Lulu still likes me.

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